Re: GtkApplication

On Mon, 19 May 2014 00:53:38 +0100
Chris Vine <chris cvine freeserve co uk> wrote:

I have noticed that g_application_run(), when applied to a
GtkApplication object from gtk+-3.12, now consumes and acts on gtk+
recognised options from the argc/argv arguments passed to it, such as
--display and --name, whereas when I tested this in around the
gtk+-3.0/3.2 days it did not.  (The current documentation for
gtk_application_new() still appears to suppose that it does not: "Note
that commandline arguments are not passed to gtk_init(). All GTK+
functionality that is available via commandline arguments can also be
achieved by setting suitable environment variables such as G_DEBUG, so
this should not be a big problem. If you absolutely must support GTK+
commandline arguments, you can explicitly call gtk_init() before
creating the application instance.")

Does anyone know at what version of gio/gtk+ this change occurred?

For anyone reading this on the archive, this change occurred with
glib-2.40/gtk+-3.12, presumably as part of the new local option
parsing arrangements.


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