Re: A bug or a screw up?

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On 07.05.2014 17:46, Chris Moller wrote:
On 05/07/14 09:30, LRN wrote:
On 07.05.2014 17:22, Chris Moller wrote:
I just did a good-size upgrade I'd been putting off for too long that
took me from GTK 3.2 to GTK 3.10.8, and some stuff that used to work
doesn't any more:

Basically, I have a window that contains

a vbox that contans

a label another label a drawing area a third label

The problem is that the top of drawing area is lined up with the top
of the enclosing vbox, or maybe at the top of the window, rather than
at the bottom of the second label.

Is there something new I'm missing?  It didn't used to work that way.
Do you, by chance, reset cairo clipping when drawing over the drawing

Hadn't been, but I just tried it.  The result was that the entire da is
drawn, but still in the wrong place.  It's still aligned with the top of
the vbox, overlays label 1 and label 2, and there's still a big gap
between the bottom of the da and the top of label 3.

What i meant is that the cr that you get in draw is already clipped by GTK+.
AFAIU, there's a single cr for the whole GdkWindow. If you reset its
clipping, you'll essentially draw over the whole window instead of the
drawing area. So no, resetting the clipping is exactly the wrong thing to do.
But you didn't do that, luckily. Well, this is the only explanation that i
know of, you'll have to wait for a reply from GTK+ devs for more.
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