Re: How to convert text with GtkTextTag from a GtkTextBuffer to Pango markup

El 03/05/2014 14:07, "Tristan Van Berkom" <tristan upstairslabs com> escribió:
> These links should help you understand:

Thanks, I'll take a look on that.

> GtkTextBuffer does not have any feature to serialize into pango markup
> format, I suppose it would be possible to create such a serialization
> but it would probably be lossy (I'm not sure pango markup can express
> everything that can be expressed with GtkTextTags in a GtkTextBuffer,
> notably transparency in text foreground/background colors).

I know there's no built-in function to parse GtkTextBuffer content with GtkTags to Pango markup. I'm trying to make that function my self. I'm offering to users only bold text and italic style. So I don't think there'll be any problem.

My problem is that I can't handle serialized data. But I think this is due to my poor programming skill. I'll see how to make it work as I need.

> Cheers,
>     -Tristan



Andrés Fernandez
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