How to convert text with GtkTextTag from a GtkTextBuffer to Pango markup

Hi! this is my first message to this list. I don't know if is correct to
ask this in this mailing list or in vala mailing list. I think this I
more related with Gtk+ than with vala.

I'm writing a gtk app in vala. I'm trying to let the user to format some
text on a GtkTextView save that text on an sqlite db converted to Pango
markup, so then I can show it later on a GtkLabel formated.

I have to say that I'm not sure if I understand how all this things
works. Where I'm stuck is trying to handle the uint8[] data that I get
from Gtk.TextBuffer.serialize (...).

var serialized = buffer.serialize (buffer,
buffer.register_serialize_tagset (null), start, end );

Then when I try to convert that unit8[] to string I only get one line
with this text GTKTEXTBUFFERCONTENTS-0001. Searching a on the web I
realize that is the header of a XML. But I didn't get how to get tho
other lines to parse that data to Pango markup.

I hope I made my issue clear. My English is quiet limited.

Best regards!

Andres Fernandez
Software Peronista

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