Re: pkg.m4 missing in pkg-config v0.28 tool download for GTK+ 3.x on win32

thanks:) but, I cannot find the Gtk3.10 version here

Le Dimanche 26 janvier 2014 7h49, Tarnyko <tarnyko tarnyko net> a écrit :
Hello Narcisse,

narcisse doudieu siewe writes:

> Hello Tarnyko,
> Many thanks to your great work on making Gtk3 available on Windows.
> I need your help to build the 3.10 version of Gtk for a management software of
> a Optical fiber project for my is very hard to compile glib2.38 
> could you help me please? some suggestion 

Although GTK+ 3.10.x has already been built, and you can find binaries of it
by searching some of the links available here, it still has some problems.
That's why the official downloage page only lists 3.6.4. For a more detailed
view of what still needs to be done :

Please be aware or this if you decide to use the binaries.

If you want to build it yourself, you may look at .





> Le Jeudi 23 janvier 2014 15h12, Tarnyko <tarnyko tarnyko net> a écrit :

> Thank you both for your explanations. 
> A new "pkg-config-dev" package is now available on
> (and win64.php). It contains pkg.m4
> and the man page, just as the previous version did. 
> I will modify the buildenv to regenerate this package in the next builds. 
> Regards,
> Tarnyko 
> Legorol writes: 
>>> On 23.01.2014 12:07, Tarnyko wrote:
>>>> Legorol writes:
>>>>> On the Windows 32-bit download page
>>>>> (, under the GTK+ 3.x
>>>>> heading, various "other third party software" are listed. One of
>>>>> those is pkg-config version 0.28. 
>>>>> Two download options are available: Tool or Sources. The Tool
>>>>> option links to This does not
>>>>> contain share/aclocal/pkg.m4, as it should in my opinion. The
>>>>> only way to obtain pkg.m4 is from the Sources link.
>>>> In fact, the all-in-one bundle does contain pkg.m4. I never checked
>>>> before, but is this file necessary (besides GLib and other
>>>> dependencies) for pkg-config.exe to execute correctly ? If it is, I
>>>> agree it should be in the package.
>>> pkg.m4 is needed if you regenerate the configure script from
>>> by using autotools. 
>> Yes. pkg.m4 is not used to build pkg-config.exe. Instead, it's a
>> system-wide macro file that provides the integration between
>> pkg-config and Autotools. 
>> Typically software packages are distributed so that to build them, you
>> just run ./configure then make etc. You don't need pkg.m4 for this. 
>> However, some packages are distributed such that as part of the build
>> process, autoconf has to be run on part or all of the package. In this
>> case, you need pkg.m4 to be present. 
>> Compare the contents of the pkg-config version 0.26 Dev download under
>> GTK+ 2.x with the contents of the pkg-config version 0.28 Tool
>> download under GTK+ 3.x. The former includes pkg.m4 and a man page,
>> the latter does not.
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