Re: pkg.m4 missing in pkg-config v0.28 tool download for GTK+ 3.x on win32

Hello Tarnyko,
Many thanks to your great work on making Gtk3 available on Windows.
I need your help to build the 3.10 version of Gtk for a management software of
a Optical fiber project for my is very hard to compile glib2.38 
could you help me please? some suggestion 

Le Jeudi 23 janvier 2014 15h12, Tarnyko <tarnyko tarnyko net> a écrit :
Thank you both for your explanations.

A new "pkg-config-dev" package is now available on (and win64.php). It contains pkg.m4
and the man page, just as the previous version did.

I will modify the buildenv to regenerate this package in the next builds.


Legorol writes:

>> On 23.01.2014 12:07, Tarnyko wrote:
>>> Legorol writes:
>>>> On the Windows 32-bit download page
>>>> (, under the GTK+ 3.x
>>>> heading, various "other third party software" are listed. One of
>>>> those is pkg-config version 0.28.
>>>> Two download options are available: Tool or Sources. The Tool
>>>> option links to This does not
>>>> contain share/aclocal/pkg.m4, as it should in my opinion. The
>>>> only way to obtain pkg.m4 is from the Sources link.
>>> In fact, the all-in-one bundle does contain pkg.m4. I never checked
>>> before, but is this file necessary (besides GLib and other
>>> dependencies) for pkg-config.exe to execute correctly ? If it is, I
>>> agree it should be in the package.
>> pkg.m4 is needed if you regenerate the configure script from
>> by using autotools.
> Yes. pkg.m4 is not used to build pkg-config.exe. Instead, it's a
> system-wide macro file that provides the integration between
> pkg-config and Autotools.
> Typically software packages are distributed so that to build them, you
> just run ./configure then make etc. You don't need pkg.m4 for this.
> However, some packages are distributed such that as part of the build
> process, autoconf has to be run on part or all of the package. In this
> case, you need pkg.m4 to be present.
> Compare the contents of the pkg-config version 0.26 Dev download under
> GTK+ 2.x with the contents of the pkg-config version 0.28 Tool
> download under GTK+ 3.x. The former includes pkg.m4 and a man page,
> the latter does not.
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