Re: pkg.m4 missing in pkg-config v0.28 tool download for GTK+ 3.x on win32

Legorol, Legorol writes:
Two more issues on the win32 download page for GTK+ 3.x:
The libpng 1.5.14 run-time download file from
is garbled. The contents of the zip file is nonsense when opened with
Windows 7's built-in zip handler. The Dev and Sources downloads are
All three links for gettext-runtime are incorrect. All three
point to downloads for
The all-in-one bundle for 3.x seem to contain the correct files for
libpng 1.5.14 and gettext-runtime

Thanks a lot for having reported all these problems ! A corrected version of the libpng "runtime" package has been regenerated. Links to gettext-runtime have been fixed.
I have not checked the win64 page.

In this respect, win64 page has been fixed, too.

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