I have finally  reworked my app to get around the depreciated -


and, happily it is working the way it did in gtk2.

Gosh, programming with pipes is difficult. I felt like a programming student.

But, something has come up with GtkRecentManager. It isn't working properly and I can't find the bug- in my code or gtk3. Is this a known issue? It clears the file items it is supposed to remember. Another application that edits lilypond files, built with Qt is actually setting recent files. I start up my app, the recent files are in my recent files menu (because of the other application), then I edit, save, the files and quit, then start up my app again and the recent files are gone.

My app never did this until Ubuntu 13.10.

I have no depreciations in my build, so my old gtk2 code seems okay. Anybody...

Craig Bakalian

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