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Someone asked this question on Stackoverflow:
I think they answer it pretty well. Also, C is much closer to the hardware and GCC's error messages for C++ are not that great.

On 08/07/2014 10:49 PM, Dub wrote:
tbh, the only reason I use GTK is because it is C.

While C++ is probably a better choice. C allows you to easier integrate it with pretty much any language of your choosing easily (Vala, Ruby, PHP (lol), Python, Rust, Go, Perl, Lua, _javascript_, etc) that in itself is a really good reason.

On Thu, Aug 7, 2014 at 12:22 PM, 黄羽众 <ihyzi 163 com> wrote:
For the past few time, I am using gtkmm to development GUI application, and I am really enjoy it.

I know that choose C as its implementation language makes gtk gain a wonderful performance,
but recently GCC turn to C++.

I think that as a complier which have to think a lot about performance, it turn to C++ for code elegance and development speed,
a GUI application have no reason to continue using C stuff.

Actually gtk implement a object system as its essential part, that did prove that GUI application need a object-oriented design.
And C++ could provide this as a language level feaure, needless to implement it in application code.

So I suggest that it is possible to develop gtk in c++ as main-line support?

Unlike gtkmm, which is just a wrapper from c++ to c, turn to c++ in main-line means a lot.

GCC choose this and get good result, I think gtk could have a try.

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