Re: tooltip with drag and drop between two treeviews

this is the gtkmm code i use. the problem is that the DnD information used within the treeview is all based on paths within the treeview's model (e.g. drag the 3rd row), rather than the types of mime-indicated data types that you get when you do a normal drag-n-drop (e.g. from a file manager or web browser window). so you need to do some work to create different drag/drop targets that will have some meaning outside of the treeview.

alternatively, the drop on one treeview has to be able to interrogate the model associated with the drag source.

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I appreciate your honest but if any solution is possible and I know is it, I will try it.


If I don´t have a direct function to activate this tooltip while I am dragging some item between treestores inside treeview. I could try any other methods like create a little window without buttons and titles only with messagem. This is one idea! If you have some time give a “tip” about your idea and I will try to use it here into this program. It´s not necessary write the code. I need only the idea, I will find how to do the rest.







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in gtk2 (at least) it isn't well designed for that.

it is possible to do, but it is complex to explain. i regret that i don't have time to do so....


On Tue, Sep 24, 2013 at 4:30 PM, Ubirajara Marques da Cruz <biracruz cemig com br> wrote:

To gtk team,


I need to know if it´s possible to create a tooltip while i am dragging some itens of one treeview to another treeview.


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