Re: Installing GTK+ 3.8.0

於 2013/9/14 上午 02:28, Mack J. Jenkins 提到:
checking for GLIB - version >= 2.31.2... no
configure: error:
*** GLIB 2.31.2 or better is required. The latest version of
*** GLIB is always available from If GLIB is installed
*** but not in the same location as pkg-config add the location of the file
*** glib-2.0.pc to the environment variable PKG_CONFIG_PATH.
Hi Mack,

I might not be the best one to answer this, but this is what I normally do when I package tarballs under Linux to be able to test the code in Windows: -set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH to where you installed your own GLib build .so's, such as: export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/$LD_LIBRARY_PATH -set the PKG_CONFIG_PATH to where you installed your own GLib build .pc files, such as: export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/opt/$PKG_CONFIG_PATH -Then attempt to do the -> make -> make install dance one by one.

It probably depends on your distro whether it uses a */lib64/ for 64-bit installations of the code you build (it does so on Fedora 18/19, for at least harfbuzz which is required for Pango on Linux).

Hope this may be of help.

With blessings.

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