Re: GTK Socket and reparenting

Did you try to add an additional reference to your widget? (i.e. explicitly call g_object_ref (your_widget) )

On Tue, Nov 26, 2013 at 3:18 PM, Michal Fizek <fizek michal centrum cz> wrote:
Actually Gtk.Socket is usable, but the window, that is plugged into the socket gets destroyed(like if Gtk.Plug() was plugged into Socket, but after Socket reparenting, Gtk.Plug() is destroyed). I tried what you have suggested of course, but result is the same. ______________________________________________________________
Od: Denis Linvinus <linvinus gmail com> Komu: Michal Fizek <fizek michal centrum cz> Datum: 26.11.2013 14:54 Předmět: Re: GTK Socket and reparenting CC: gtk-app-devel-list gnome org, "Gnome List" <gtk-list gnome org> i'm not sure that understand you correctly but, try to return true on connect event of the socket. for example var sock = new Gtk.Socket(); sock.plug_removed.connect(()=>{ return true;//important! allow reuse of socket }); 2013/11/26 Michal Fizek <fizek michal centrum cz>
Hi, i have a problem with GTK Socket. I'm using it to build some GUI for my beloved urxvt terminal emulator. But I encountered a big problem, when i need to split screens. URXVT support xembed, so i use GTK Socket to create window, and pass socked id to urxvt, that plugs and embeds itself into a socket. However, then i need to reparent socket to another parent(for example split window, notebook page to another etc.), and there is a problem. When i try to reparent socket the socket plug(in this case embedded urxvt) is destroyed. Is there a way to go around this? Thank you michael _______________________________________________ gtk-list mailing list gtk-list gnome org
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