svg icons

I'm trying to debug why svg icons are not displayed on my system.

gtk_icon_theme_list_icons() does list gnome theme png icons, but
no svg icons. (Is this a useful function to use to debug this?)

Big assumption: I don't need to render svg icons, because
I have and an svg entry in loaders.cache.

Is this true? How would gtk_icon_theme_list_icons() know?

What are the pieces which need to be in place for svg icons to
be displayed?

(This is from the point of view of downloading tarballs, building
them manually, and installing - I want to understand how this
works - the net is full of "reinstall this and that and version foo"
which doesn't explain how things are meant to work.)

(Just in case we end up talking versions anyway, gtk 3.10.2 with
in addition commit a093cd2a22, gdk-pixbuf 2.30.0, librsvg 2.36.4)



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