Re: "draw" event fired forever

Connect to the "draw" signal on the widget to do your drawing, and call gtk_widget_queue_redraw(); on the widget if you want to request a redraw.

On Mon, Nov 4, 2013 at 9:02 AM, onetmt <onetmt gmail com> wrote:
I'm currently in the process of porting to gtk+-3 an old finite
difference calculation application; this application had a custom graph
drawing routine based on gdk_ subsystem that cannot be compiled anymore
against new gtk3 api :( . I succesfully converted every gdk_ invocation
in their cairo_ counterparts, but now I have to substitute the no longer
available "expose-event" with the new "draw" event. The problem is that
it runs continuosly in an infinite loop.

What is the expected mechanism of this new event? How can I refresh the
graph in a clean way as in old expose-event?


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