Re: Kind Help on GTK 2.0 Tutorial

Hi Slomon,
your program is compiled and is  working on my PC. So, it looks like
compiler cant find file gtk.h on your computer.

2013/5/24, solomon adane <solomon_adane yahoo com>:
Dear All,

I am new to gtk world and i am ok until Chapter 9:Range Widget  (GTK+ 2.0
Tutorial Tony Gale Ian Main& the GTK team). However in chapter 9 coding part
I have tried to run it but i faced errors and now i am not in a position to
understand and fixe the well i have no one to ask about it near
by except you guys.

i would appritiate if you answer to me as quick as possible...thank you very
much for your support in advance. I have attached the code and the error as

Yours sincerely,

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