Re: Conventions for Error Logging

On Sat, May 4, 2013 at 10:22 PM, אנטולי קרסנר <tombackton gmail com> wrote:

I'm writing a desktop application using Gnome technologies. I added
support for some operations which may fail or produce useful errors, so
I decided I want the app to record the warnings and errors in a log
file, allowing me to see the report later, and find bugs.

I tried to find any conventions for GNU software logging, and for Gnome
apps, but I found nothing.

Is there a convention for that? A standard location for log files in
filesystem/home directory? A common standard for naming them and filling
the contents?

System daemons would generally dump logs somewhere like:

Apps don't really log AFAIK, as they don't really have write permissions
to /var/log, instead I would think it more appropriate for the app launcher
(something integrated in the window manager, like a springboard) to direct
logging of an apps' stdout/stderr to some directory *it* controls (however
I don't know if WMs or gnome-shell actually do this, just think it would
be the 'right way').

If your app must write somewhere, it would be safe to write in XDG_CACHE_HOME


And does Gnome have a log viewer app for reading log files produced by


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