Questions concerning to LTR against RTL and vice versa


1. I would like to know why in GTK+3 open file LTR widget, there is a
proper alignment forced on any character while this is not the case in
GTK+2? Please make GTK+2 to display it like GTK+3 does.

 i.e. In GTK+3 open file, a string משרד הפנים would align from left
 direction (good) and in GTK+2, a string משרד הפנים would align from
 right to left (bad). -Referring to Places and Item (pixelized) rubrics.

2. In my opinion, the location bar at the top must always be an LTR
widget because any path will always be under /home/... which its
("home") native direction is LTR.

Please post your views concerning these matters.

Proper English
4 teh lulz...

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