Re: acute + c giving cedilla

On Fri, 2013-02-22 at 12:34 +0100, Mario Frasca wrote:
good day Michael,

I found your name behind a couple of lines in gtk/gtkimcontextsimple.c
and I think they are in mistake.

can you have a look at them?

the problem has been reported and discussed on ubuntu, I recently
filed a bug on after I think I found the origin of the

I also found an opposite report, where people from a Portuguese
speaking country are very actively requesting to associate 'c with รง
(the current situation, but then why is it hard coded?)

This is how it's supposed to be on the Mac, and it's in
#ifdef GDK_WINDOWING_QUARTZ, so I don't understand why
it's a problem on Ubuntu.


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