Re: Newbie problems using g_spawn_async_with_pipes and watching for IO

Chris Vine wrote:

On Tue, 19 Feb 2013 20:28:16 -0500

Will Orr <ay1244 gmail com> wrote:

> Here[1] is the problematic code.


> I'm trying to run a command and gather the output and return code. I

> do this by watching for the process to return, as well as waiting for

> the channels to HUP. However, my callbacks never get called with cond

> set to G_IO_HUP, even after the process terminates. Nor do any of the

> g_io_channel_read_* calls return errors. This seems inconsistent with

> the documentation, as well as examples that I've found in the hours of

> researching this problem.


> I'm clearly doing something wrong, I'm just not sure where yet. Any

> advice or solutions would be great. Thanks so much! Let me know if I

> need to provide anymore information. Please CC me, as I'm not a member

> of this list.


This will help you:




Is this really preferable to using g_io_add_watch? It doesn't seem like I can make use of that in my event loop…



William Orr


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