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gint cur_page = gtk_notebook_get_current_pageg();
GtkWidget* child = gtk_notebook_get_nth_page(note_book, cur_page);
GtkWidget* label = gtk_notebook_get_tab_label(note_book, child);
const gchar* cur_text = gtk_label_get_text(GTK_LABEL(label));

Le Vendredi 13 décembre 2013 2h21, Mohd Naim Inche Ibrahim <naim ecava com> a écrit :
Hi everyone!

Regarding gtk_notebook_get_tab_label_text (), the function returns all the text labels of the created tabs in a notebook.

There is a function gint gtk_notebook_get_current_page   (GtkNotebook *notebook);

My question is, how to return the text label of current page? Not to return the number (int) of current page?


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