To GTK and Gnome Shell Theme authors

Hello all, 

I am building a page for allowing people to download and install themes directly from their browser. All they have to do is to install a browser plugin. 
You can watch an old demo [1]

I am not willing to make an upload service for Theme Authors at least in beginning, and we will upload and update just the most popular themes.
This service could also work with Icon sets but I doubt I could deal with the bandwidth cost there. Also I am planning to support only Gnome Theming.

So the question is if I have your permission to upload your themes and somehow support the service cost, with donations, flatrr or ads. I don't know if
I am allowed to run a "commercial" service in GPL or CC (or whatever else free license) software without authors permission.  

I hope I will launch a beta alongside with Fedora 18 release ..just because I like Fedora. 

About the plugin: I did a NPAPI plugin to make it easy to access system and to work with any browser. Google has a strict policy with NPAPI's and they are personally review 
such plugins before they upload them in their store. So I will give either instructions to people manually install the plugin, or we will provide Fedora and Ubuntu packages.

We can provide also a plugin to get directly a theme from your Chromium Extensions Area of your browser without even visiting the page. So this will be Ads free. 

Plugin will be free software, but not the site itself.  


Thank you

- alex

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