Get the icon name for a stock ID? or a list of icon names corresponding to Gtk stock IDs

Hi all,

I'm trying to look up an icon's name from its stock ID.

For example, 'gtk-go-forward' should return 'gtk-go-forward-ltr' for me.

The reason is that I'm trying to make a GIcon from stock ID 'gtk-go-forward' to display to the user.

If it makes a difference, I am writing this using GNOME _javascript_ and the script runs from gnome-shell, so I don't have any Gtk widgets on screen to get styles etc from.

ALTERNATIVELY: Is there a function like Gtk.stock_list_ids() that lists the *icon names* for each stock ID? So it basically returns Gtk.stock_list_ids() except that instead of including 'gtk-go-forward', it will have 'gtk-go-forward-ltr' and 'gtk-go-forward-rtl'.

In this regard, I found the following:


But this returns many, many, icons, not just the ones corresponding to a Gtk stock ID.

So, in summary, either:

* stock ID -> icon name for my "current settings" (what's that?) ('gtk-go-forward' -> 'gtk-go-forward-ltr'), OR
* List of icon names corresponding to all the Gtk stock IDs.


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