Re: jhbuild, from where can I find the whole list for all modules?

On 2 November 2012 01:01, Hongyi Zhao <hongyi zhao gmail com> wrote:
On 11/01/2012 10:39 AM, Jasper St. Pierre wrote:
$ jhbuild build glib
For the above commad, I obtain the following output:

werner@debian-asus:~$ jhbuild build glib
Required packages:
  System installed packages which are too old:
  No matching system package installed:
    zlib (zlib.pc, required=1.0)
    libffi (libffi.pc, required=3.0.0)
jhbuild build: Required system dependencies not installed. Install using the command 'jhbuild sysdeps --install' or to ignore system dependencies use command-line option --nodeps

Then I use the following command for continuing:

werner@debian-asus:~$ jhbuild sysdeps --install
W: network-manager-applet has a dependency on unknown "mobile-broadband-provider-info" module
System installed packages which are new enough:
    bison (required=2.0)
    xorg-wacom (xorg-wacom.pc, installed=0.10.5)
    flex (required=2.0)
Required packages:
  System installed packages which are too old:
  No matching system package installed:
    libXt (xt.pc)
    libXtst (xtst.pc, required=1)
    libffi (libffi.pc, required=3.0.0)
    zlib (zlib.pc, required=1.0)
    libicu (icu-i18n.pc, required=4)
    wireless-tools (required=25)
    libv4l (libv4l2.pc)
    libuuid (uuid.pc)
    flac (flac.pc, required=1.1.4)
    libvorbis (vorbisfile.pc)
    libvpx (vpx.pc)
    taglib (taglib.pc, required=1.5)
    neon (neon.pc)
    xkeyboard-config (xkeyboard-config.pc)
    libpng (libpng.pc)
    gl (gl.pc)
    libxkbfile (xkbfile.pc)
    python-devel (python.pc, required=2.5)
    udisks (udisks2.pc, required=1.99)
    xcb-util (xcb-aux.pc, required=0.1)
    libXcomposite (xcomposite.pc)
    soundtouch (soundtouch-1.4.pc, required=0)
    libXcursor (xcursor.pc)
    libXfixes (xfixes.pc)
    libXrandr (xrandr.pc, required=1.3)
    wavpack (wavpack.pc, required=4.2)
    libXft (xft.pc, required=2.0.0)
    libusb1 (libusb-1.0.pc)
Optional packages: (JHBuild will build the missing packages)
  System installed packages which are too old:
  No matching system package installed:
    nss (nss.pc, required=3.12.11)
    WebKit (webkitgtk-3.0.pc, required=1.10.1)
    libical (libical.pc, required=0.43)
    poppler (poppler-glib.pc, required=0.20.0)
    py2cairo (pycairo.pc, required=1.8.2)
    libxml2 (libxml-2.0.pc, required=2.8.0)
    cairo (cairo.pc, required=1.10.2)
    libmusicbrainz (libmusicbrainz5.pc, required=5.0.1)
    bluez (bluez.pc, required=4.87)
    dbus-glib (dbus-glib-1.pc, required=0.94)
    icon-naming-utils (icon-naming-utils.pc, required=0.8.90)
    libnl (libnl-3.0.pc, required=3.2.7)
    liboil (liboil-0.3.pc, required=0.3.17)
    speex (speex.pc, required=1.2rc1)
    liboauth (oauth.pc, required=0.9.4)
    pulseaudio (libpulse.pc, required=2.0)
    libxklavier (libxklavier.pc, required=5.2.1)
    enchant (enchant.pc, required=1.6.0)
    libcroco (libcroco-0.6.pc, required=0.6.6)
    startup-notification (libstartup-notification-1.0.pc, required=0.12)
    libtasn1 (libtasn1.pc, required=2.2)
    libproxy (libproxy-1.0.pc, required=0.4.7)
    libgphoto2 (libgphoto2.pc, required=2.4.14)
    gnutls (gnutls.pc, required=2.12.8)
    libxslt (libxslt.pc, required=1.1.26)
    gudev (gudev-1.0.pc, required=173)
    pixman (pixman-1.pc, required=0.20.2)
    json (json.pc, required=0.9)
    fontconfig (fontconfig.pc, required=2.8.0)
    dbus (dbus-1.pc, required=1.4.0)
    sqlite3 (sqlite3.pc, required=3.7.1)
    avahi (avahi-ui-gtk3.pc, required=0.6.31)
    libsndfile (sndfile.pc, required=1.0.23)
    lcms2 (lcms2.pc, required=2.2)
    libcanberra (libcanberra-gtk.pc, required=0.29)
    libdaemon (libdaemon.pc, required=0.14)
    libexif (libexif.pc, required=0.6.21)
    nspr (nspr.pc, required=4.8.6)
    libnice (nice.pc, required=0.1.3)
    js185 (mozjs185.pc, required=1.0.0)
I: Installing dependencies on system: libXt libXtst libffi zlib libicu libv4l libuuid flac libvorbis libvpx taglib neon xkeyboard-config libpng gl libxkbfile python-devel udisks xcb-util libXcomposite soundtouch libXcursor libXfixes libXrandr wavpack libXft libusb1 nss WebKit libical poppler py2cairo libxml2 cairo libmusicbrainz bluez dbus-glib icon-naming-utils libnl liboil speex liboauth pulseaudio libxklavier enchant libcroco startup-notification libtasn1 libproxy libgphoto2 gnutls libxslt gudev pixman json fontconfig dbus sqlite3 avahi libsndfile lcms2 libcanberra libdaemon libexif nspr libnice js185 mpfr libacl wireless-tools libjpeg libtiff gperf cracklib gdbm pam libdb ppp libXinerama readline
I: Using apt-file to search for providers; this may be slow.  Please wait.
I: No native package found for libicu (/icu-i18n.pc)
I: No native package found for libvpx (/vpx.pc)
I: No native package found for xkeyboard-config (/xkeyboard-config.pc)
I: No native package found for python-devel (/python.pc)
I: No native package found for udisks (/udisks2.pc)
I: No native package found for soundtouch (/soundtouch-1.4.pc)

As you can see, I have so many packages will be installed or updated, furthermore, I also noticed the following issue detected by  jhbuild:

W: network-manager-applet has a dependency on unknown "mobile-broadband-provider-info" module

In this case, should I proceed to continue the installation or not?   Is this process will damage the systems integrity or not?
Could someone please give me some hints?


I got that network-manager-applet notice too, it didn't make a difference.

I don't really know much about jhbuild but have been assured it acts like a sandbox environment - stuff it messes around with is fairly separate from your OS. And this has been my experience so far.

I don't think you should worry about the packages having to be installed or updated. Some of the dependencies you have listed are fairly not-unusual anyway (cairo, libjpeg, libtiff, dbus, json, fonconfig, libX*, ...) and if they don't get installed as part of this they'll most probably get installed as you install other programs to your distro.

(Note - WebKit will fail to build, and I had the same "Not native package found" problems with you for libicu, udisks, soundtouch. I *think* I had a 'vpx' package that got rid of the 'libvpx' one. (You have no match for python-devel?? Also, from asking around the chat room it seems lots of the packages are only optional and if they fail to build it's no big deal. Oh! and if you want to skip all the interactive bits "Package XYZ failed to build, choose an option:", use "jhbuild --no-interact build <any other option you were going to put in>" which will just build as many modules as it can. Nothing like thinking "Hmm I'll let it run overnight while it downloads all the pakcages" only to come back and see "[2/122] Error building XYZ, continue?" :P)

anyhow good luck!


.: Hongyi Zhao [ hongyi.zhao AT ] Free as in Freedom :.

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