Re: Problems with an applet execution

Well... I guess my question was another, if you misunderstand the
question, please let me know.

I want to develop an applet for my own use, so I have a development
issue question, I currently know witch technologies I have at my
disposal, thank you, I'm not doubting about my requirements.

Please if you going to answer the modified version of my question, don't
answer at all.


El 05/03/12 08:51, Emmanuele Bassi escribió:
> hi;
> 2012/3/4 Damián Nohales <damiannohales gmail com>:
>> I'm developing a GNOME Panel applet for GNOME 3 (with D-Bus) in Python.
>> Anyone have a suggestion?
> yes, just one: don't write panel applets for GNOME 3. gnome-panel is
> only used when in fallback mode; the only way to end up there is if
> you don't have a GPU, or if your GPU was released more than 5/6 years
> ago, or if your drivers are awful - and you're not using a recent Mesa
> with software rendering going through llvmpipe. alternatively, if you
> *want* to use obsolete technology, in which case you should still not
> do that in the first place.
> ciao,
>  Emmanuele.

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