Re: how to install GTK+3.2.0 correctly

On 02/22/2012 07:38 PM,  wrote:
> Recently I install GTK+3.2.0 according the GTK+3.2.0 installation
> guide  in ubuntu 11.04. When I finished the install and reboot the
> computer,  I found that system interface has changed and file can't
> open by mouse. And I  think the question is GTK 2.x and GTK+3 in the
> same process is not support. When I uninstall GTK 2.x, a new question
> is coming.The GNome is can't work normally and I can't enter the
> system interface. So how I should do next? Here My GNome version is
> 2.32.1.If I should first put the GNome upgraded to 3.2. I very much
> look forward to someone can help me,and to express my heartfelt
> thanks.

While your GTK 2.x installation can probably be fixed, it will require
some terminal work using text mode or KDE or some other desktop.  And it
will take some effort, especially if you don't well understand your
distro's package manager.  Probably, you will just want to re-install
the OS and chalk it up as a lesson never to remove system components or
replace them unless you really know what you are doing.

If you want to play with GTK 3 on your Gnome2 box, build it with
jhbuild.  This will put everything GTK needs (dependencies, etc) in
/opt, where it won't conflict at all.  Though you do have to play with
LD_LIBRARY_PATH and PKG_CONFIG_PATH once you get everything built.

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