Re: how to install GTK+3.2.0 correctly

On Thu, Feb 23, 2012 at 10:38:39AM +0800, 周龙 wrote:
>    Recently I install GTK+3.2.0 according the GTK+3.2.0 installation guide

If any installation guide *recommends* installation of manually compiled
Gtk+ into a system location the author of such guide should be hanged at
dawn on the nearest plane tree.

>  in ubuntu 11.04. When I finished the install and reboot the computer,  I found that system interface has changed and file can't open by mouse. And I  think the question is GTK 2.x and GTK+3 in the same process is not support. When I uninstall GTK 2.x, a new question is coming.The GNome is can't work normally and I can't enter the system interface. 
>    So how I should do next? Here My GNome version is 2.32.1.If I should first put the GNome upgraded to 3.2.
>     I very much look forward to someone can help me,and to express my heartfelt thanks. 
Gtk+3 has differently named libraries and is parallel installable with
Gtk+2.  But you might have rebuilt other libraries along the way, hard
to say.

So I don't know what precisely went wrong in your case but you have
learned a lesson not to install random manually compiled stuff info
system locations.  If you installed everything into /usr/local it should
be possible to just unistall it all (using make uninstall).  Then
configure, build and install again it to a non-system location.

In case you have already scre^H^H^H^H damaged your system beyond
reasonable repair it may be best to just reinstall it with Ubuntu 11.10
which already comes with Gtk+ 3.2.


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