Re: Compiling glib on win32

On Thu, 01 Mar 2012 12:34:35 +0100, Manuel Ferrero wrote:
Check, it specifically states:
AM_PATH_PYTHON(2.5,,PYTHON="/usr/bin/env python2.5")

I saw it, after you point me to it. But in the page I linked I can't
see any reference to python. I think it sould be.

If you think it should be mentioned, please file a bug report.

What does config.status (a file generated when you execute ./configure)
say for S["PYTHON"]= ?

This is wrong,

Nope, it is most certainly correct because...

in my PATH I have, among other paths,

... components of the PATH environment variable (separated by a ; in
windows and a : in MSYS) are searched from left to right. The first
directory encountered that has the executable searched for (in this
case python.exe) wins. Hence C:\Programmi\Python31\ is found...

The simplest solution for you is to execute (from your bash session
or build shell script and note it really is : and not ; in there):

    export PATH=/c/programmi/python25:$PATH
    ./configure --prefix=whatever
    make install

to ensure Python 2.5 is picked up by the configure script.


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