Re: Compiling glib on win32

salsaman <salsaman gmail com>:

On Thu, 01 Mar 2012 09:34:50 +0100, Manuel Ferrero wrote:
I can't see python as a prerequisite to compile GLib:

Check, it specifically states:
AM_PATH_PYTHON(2.5,,PYTHON="/usr/bin/env python2.5")

I saw it, after you point me to it. But in the page I linked I can't see any reference to python. I think it sould be.

I have python 2.5 and python 3.1 on my pc and in my PATH variable and
I set a variable named PYTHON pointing to my python installation:
Still no luck.

What does config.status (a file generated when you execute ./configure)
say for S["PYTHON"]= ?

This is wrong, in my PATH I have, among other paths,
and in my program files directory I have both the directories, but in neither of those there is a /python subdirectory...
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