glib charset UTF16BE versus UTF-16BE

How do I get support for the UTF16BE charset along with UTF-16BE? Are they really different?

Some background. I am working doing OBEX push transfers to an embedded system we are building from an Android phone. The transfers work on my debian desktop but fail on the embedded system with the error "obexd[741]: disconnected: Unicode conversion failed: Could not open converter from 'UTF16BE' to 'UTF8' "

Now when I type "iconv -l" I can see that I have the UTF16BE set on my debian desktop but not on my embedded system. On both systems I have UTF-8 and UTF-16BE but not UTF8 and UTF16BE on the embedded system. I am stuck with some old versions of certain packages from my build system, so I figured I just needed to build a newer version of glib. I managed to build 2.27.93, which I think is newer than the debian stable. After the build it list the same charsets as before. I also downloaded the debian source and looked for references missing the dash but haven't found anything yet.

Neal Peacock

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