Re: combined mouse and button event in a drawing area

Hello Richard

richard boaz-2 wrote:
> if you want to ignore the motion event when a button is not pressed, then
> check for this, and if there's nothing to do then return from the callback
> without doing anything.  this will cost you milliseconds.
> ...
> and with gtk and friends, i've never found that a solution wasn't possible
> (yet, vs. my specific requirements, of course).  sometimes you just need
> to
> be creative and "tease it out," as it were.
> richard

I found a solution by doing this : 

I set up a "motion-notify-event" from the drawing area; then in the
GdkEventMotion event structure, I get the 'state' data; this represents the
state of the modifier keys, including mouse button...

Thank you for your help


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