Re: GtkSeparatorMenuItem looks wrong (Gtk3, Python3)

On Thu, 16 Feb 2012 23:41:29 -0500
David Rawson Couzelis <drcouzelis gmail com> wrote:
> The GtkSeparatorMenuItem widgets in the menubar of my application look
> wrong. There should be a horizontal line separating the menu items,
> but instead, there is only an empty space. In other words, there's a
> space separating the two menu items, but there's no horizontal line.
> Could this be a bug? Or, am I using the GtkSeparatorMenuItem
> incorrectly?
> I'm using Gtk 3.2.3 and Python 3.2.2.

If you are using Adwaita as a theme, try a different one.  Adwaita
suppresses many of the visual clues that GTK+ tries to provide, so for
example, amongst other things, GtkFrame objects won't show.  Why GNOME
has gone down this bizarre route is beyond me.


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