Re: How to grab key combination event in GDK?

On Sat, Feb 4, 2012 at 11:41 AM, salsaman <salsaman gmail com> wrote:
> So whats the replacement ? Set key event handlers for every single window ?
> That makes no sense. Why remove a function which works perfectly well,
> which people are relying on ?

gdk_window_add_filter (NULL, ....) works for all windows.

anyway, key snooping has not been removed and its not *officially*
deprecated even in gtk3 (yet). furthermore, deprecation is not

> Im sorry, but all I have seen so far of GTK+3 is function after
> function being removed, little or no documentation explaining the
> replacement, no reasoning given as to why any function has to be
> removed.

i live in an interesting place. on the one hand, i'm the lead dev of a
big, complicated project that uses GTK. as such, i tend to have the
same kind of judgement that you're expressing here. but on the other
hand, from time to time i also get involved with OS X support in GTK,
or trying to fix very specific issues with GTK, which gets me much
closer and involved with the core GTK team. far from being the raving
crazed fools that you're sort of portraying them to be,  i find that
they actually have a vision, and that their decisions have clear
rationales behind them. do they spend documenting all that stuff for
developers? no. why not? because there is only so much time in a day,
and that time is arguably better (and certainly more enjoyably) spent
actually doing stuff.

i know that with ardour, we rarely (if ever) talk about development
plans on our "development" mailing list anymore, except for a few
topics where for some reason broader input is needed. almost all of
our development discussion, both with users and other devs, is now on
IRC. GTK is much the same way. if you're on the channel, you'll see a
lot of discussion about stuff; if you're on the ML you'll see
occasional communications about big things that could and should take
some time.

> I can tell you what will happen. You will have a whole load of
> applications using GTK+2 which will never be upgraded to GTK+3.

Very few people use key snoopers. That would be my guess. I don't even
need them in ardour, if i was willing to do a bit more work.

> you will have a load of GTK+3 apps. You will end up having to support
> both sets. Good luck to you all in that.

Nobody "supports" GTK2 anymore, other than basic maintainance stuff.

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