Re: GDataInputStream API return types

On Wed, Nov 28, 2012 at 12:52 PM, David King <amigadave amigadave com> wrote:
> It is possible to view the GTK+ documentation with the same CSS (which is
> the default gtk-doc style, I think) by installing the relevant documentation
> package locally and then either using Devhelp (a really useful tool, by the
> way) or opening the files with a browser. They should be located at:
> /usr/share/gtk-doc/html/gtk3
> where gtk3 can be replaced with any other package for which you have
> documentation.

Thanks for the pointers. I don't know why, but I'm inclined to use the
online documentation.

> To improve the CSS, I would suggest filing a bug:
> against the component. It should be quite easy to fix.
> The CSS files can be found in the library-web module:
> Please post back on the list when you file the bug, and I (or one of the
> library-web maintainers) can look into it.

I've submitted the bug report. Sorry for the delay. The URL for the
bug is

I wanted to provide a patch, but looking at the stylesheets that are
included in the documentation page, I came to the conclusion that
text.css was the best file to add the rule but I couldn't find it at
the git repository that you suggested.

Looking for the repository that had the file, I found this one maybe is it the place to
place the new rule?

Well, if you need anything I'll be glad to help.

Best Regards,

Henrique Camargo

Email: henrique henriquecamargo com
Phone: +55 41 99152915

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