Question about GModule/GTypeModule

I have a question about using GTypeModule.

I have created a class heirarchy like the following:

	 (library)           (application)
	MyInterface -> MyClass -> MyRealClass
	                       -> MyOtherRealClass

The purpose of MyClass is to allow loading My{Real,OtherReal}Class
dynamically using GModule/GTypeModule. So, MyClass should never really
be directly instantiated.

MyInterface has a property, P1, and My{Real,OtherReal}Class both override
this propery. But when I run my applications, I get:

	Object class MyClass doesn't implement property 'P1' from
	interface 'MyInterface'

My question is, what would be the right way to get rid of this critical

I think the obvious thing is to add a {set,get}_property method to
MyClass and override the property there too. However, I do not intend
to instantiate MyClass.  Should I just have the {set,get}_property
call g_error?

What is the preferred technique here?



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