RE: Re: main_interation and GetMessage

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>date: 16.08.2012 12:44:49
>from: "LRN" <lrn1986 gmail com>
>to: gtk-list gnome org
>subject: Re: main_interation and GetMessage
>On 16.08.2012 13:16, Henrik Genssen wrote:
>> My app so far uses main_interation(true) as main message loop. Now
>> I need to prefilter messages for IOleInPlaceActiveObject of
>> Internet Explorer to feed its TranslateAccelerator() function.
>> Can I somehow combine the winapi function GetMessage() and the gtk
>> message loop?
>>Does [1] help?


no, as far as I can see, that lib does not deal with the windows message queue.
I am doing something like:

        msg = MSG()
        lpmsg = byref(msg)
        while GetMessage(lpmsg, 0, 0, 0):
            if not self.PreTranslateMessage(msg):

and neet to combinate it with the gtk message loop - if the message was not processed...

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