Re: MS Windows porting question

On 21/09/11 03:14, Dan Stanger wrote:
> Hello All,
> I have an application back end written for xlib, and would like to port
> it to MS windows, and was thinking of using gdk to do this.
> My reasoning is that I want to provide events to the application, and
> gdk seems to provide a layer that may make it easier.
> Does this make sense?
> Any advice would be appreciated.
> Thank you,
> Dan Stanger

Keep in mind I'm certainly not an expert here.

Dependening on your needs, the simplest solution may be to simply
continue using Xlib, and use a compatibility layer such as CygWin or
Microsoft's own Services for UNIX to run your code on Windows.

If you want to port your code to a different back-end, it'd probably be
wise to use a portable back-end for all platforms to avoid duplication.
Gdk sounds like a reasonable choice; SDL also comes to mind. Or you
could of course use OpenGL, with a few lines of initialisation code for
each system you support.

If you want this port to really be just for Windows, it may be good to
have a look at the GDI and Direct2D APIs, to see if either of them is a
better fit for what you're doing than GDK or SDL - they might be faster,
being the native libraries and all.

Thomas Jollans

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