Re: Stable cross-platform version?

On Mon, Sep 19, 2011 at 12:39 AM, Jonathan S. Shapiro <shap eros-os org> wrote:
> I'm new, and I'm willing to work on the issues I'm about to raise, but I
> could use some guidance.
> We're building a cross-platform app, and it would be nice to be on the
> latest "stable" version of GTK+. On the main page, that appears to be
> GTK+3.0 with GLib 2.28, *but*:
>   - The Windows binary installers still seem to be for GTK+ 2.22.1
>   - GTKMM binary installers are similarly out of date

you really don't want these anyway for windows or OS X.

>   - There seem to be build problems on OS X Lion

3.0 is somewhat off the radar of most of the us who care about OS X at
this point. nobody maintains the OS X or Windows ports "just because"
- they normally have 1 or more apps that they need to run on those
platforms. Most (particularly x-platform) apps haven't transitioned to
3.0 explicitly at this point, so we're mostly still focused on 2.24.

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