Stable cross-platform version?

I'm new, and I'm willing to work on the issues I'm about to raise, but I could use some guidance.

We're building a cross-platform app, and it would be nice to be on the latest "stable" version of GTK+. On the main page, that appears to be GTK+3.0 with GLib 2.28, *but*:

  - The Windows binary installers still seem to be for GTK+ 2.22.1
  - GTKMM binary installers are similarly out of date
  - There seem to be build problems on OS X Lion

These facts are disheartening, since they raise questions about whether the non-Linux platforms are being maintained. As I say, we are very willing to contribute and to help actively, but I'm too new to GTK+ to feel comfortable with the current version discrepancies. I can get the current stable versions packaged, if necessary, but for Win7 I'm kind of surprised that this hasn't already happened.

Here are my immediate questions:

1. For people doing cross-platform work, which branch should be viewed as "current-stable", in the sense that it is current and stable  **and available on all platforms**?
2. Should we give up on the binary packages and work from source?
3. Why don't GTK+ 3 binary and dev packages exist for Windows? Are people just being conservative about moving forward from GTK+ 2.22? Too much to do with limited time? Lack of interest?
4. What is the significance of GDK-Quartz? Can GTK+ be used practically given it's current state?

If it's just that the packages haven't been built yet, I might be willing to volunteer, and I'd *certainly* be willing to write up a refreshed "getting started" note for people who are trying to work cross-platform.

But before I go volunteering to do something that isn't actually helpful, I'd like to understand better what the current state of things really is and how to address it *usefully*. Can anybody shed some light?

Thank you in advance.


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