Stock Icon Question/Problem


In the course of development, gpredict used the GTK_STOCK_MEDIA_PLAY
icon as a time forward in a time controller and the right to left
variant as the time backward option. This also fit well as the
GTK_STOCK_MEDIA_PAUSE looked good in between as a stop time option.
Other options such as those used for rewind/fast forward, or forward,
backward as in a web browser did not look as good or had connotations
that did not make sense. As far back as 2.6 these have been defined
and are also  appearing to continue into gtk3.

In the past year several distributions have used themes. Most of the
themes do not define the GTK_STOCK_MEDIA_PLAY right to left variant.
Instead it often renders as the ltr version. This when looking at it
makes no sense. For some distributions/theme I can flip the ltr
variant into the appropriate name and it renders correctly.  For
others this does not work.

One of the root causes of this issues is that the right to left
version is not mandated in the theme definition. However this could be
because it is supposed to be handled someplace else.

What should be done to fix this?



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