Cursor blinking is not reset while moving cursor with gtk_text_buffer_move_mark_by_name

Hello, gentlemen.

I work on the source editor, and I want to implement my own custom cursor movement. Let's say, I have a keystrokes which moves cursor 2 positions left or 2 positions right. When I press and hold one of these�keystrokes, cursor is moved (via�gtk_text_buffer_move_mark_by_name). The difference from default motion is that cursor keeps blinking, while default cursor movement handler resets blink time using private API�( gtk_text_view_check_cursor_blink +�gtk_text_view_pend_cursor_blink). I couldn't find a solution to this problem using the standard API. So I need help on keeping cursor not-blinking while moving it.

To take problem broadly: I dislike how Ctrl+Left, Ctrl+Right (next-word movement) is implemented in particular project ( which uses gtk multiline edit. Same problem with Ctrl+Backspace, and word selection too (Ctrl+Shift+Left etc). So�I wrote custom cursor movement. Project is in Haskell, using Gtk2Hs. Cursor moves fine, but blinking in the middle of the movement ruins user experience. Maybe there are more proper solutions, with pango configuration, but I failed to figure it out, and possible there's no binding on such low level. Anyway, it needs to be process-wide change, not system-wide.

Thanks in advance.

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