Re: GTK+ library access issue?

Earnie wrote:

However, IMNSHO, if LD can find the references in out-of-order .o object
files it should be able to do the same with out-of-order library
archives of object files but then I don't code LD.

The linker on MacOSX apparently can -- according to the man
pages, the traditional restrictions on ordering of -l options
don't apply to it.

But on most systems, static libraries are scanned once when
encountered on the command line, and a .o file is only pulled
in if it defines a symbol that is referenced by the currently
active set of .o files.

Once the relevant set of .o files has been found, all the
references between them are then fixed up.

Dynamic libraries may be different, since they're treated as
a single unit rather than a collection of .o files.


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