Re: GTK+ library access issue?

Greg Ewing wrote:
> Paul Davis wrote:
>> the gnu linker follows a unix tradition of interpreting the list
>> of explicitly and implictly provided object files names as a
>> dependency order. consider two files, a.o and b.o. suppose that a.o
>> uses a function or symbol found only in b.o. in general, the linker
>> will be able to link these two if the order given is "a.o b.o" but
>> not if its "b.o a.o".
> Are you sure about that? I thought that ordering was only important
> for libraries, and then only insofar as it affects which .o files get
> pulled out of the library.
> But the order of -l options can certainly be important in any case.

I can confirm what Greg is saying.  I made the same fallacy just last
week on the mingw-users list as was bluntly made a fool; I tested it. 
However, IMNSHO, if LD can find the references in out-of-order .o object
files it should be able to do the same with out-of-order library
archives of object files but then I don't code LD.


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