Error in GtkEntry icon tooltip

Hi all.

While developing my application I was surprised that tooltip text I've
set for my entry primary icon was never shown. To discover the problem
I've connected to default callback gtk_entry_query_tooltip() in

While debugging I found that gtk_entry_get_icon_at_pos() always returned
-1. The problem is that get_frame_size() function returns entry
allocation x and y those are relative to container where entry is packed
in. But x and y that came in query_tooltip callback as parameters are
relative to entry widget. So, if we do not adjust x and y by subtraction
frame_x and frame_y everything should work right. Because after we
compare x and y to icon allocation where cooardinates also relative to
entry widget.

 * gtk_entry_get_icon_at_pos:
 * @entry: a #GtkEntry
 * @x: the x coordinate of the position to find
 * @y: the y coordinate of the position to find
 * Finds the icon at the given position and return its index.
 * If @x, @y doesn't lie inside an icon, -1 is returned.
 * This function is intended for use in a #GtkWidget::query-tooltip
 * signal handler.
 * Returns: the index of the icon at the given position, or -1
 * Since: 2.16
gtk_entry_get_icon_at_pos (GtkEntry *entry,
                           gint      x,
                           gint      y)
  GtkAllocation primary;
  GtkAllocation secondary;
  gint frame_x, frame_y;

  g_return_val_if_fail (GTK_IS_ENTRY (entry), -1);

/* this commented code is not needed to show icon
 * tooltip properly
 * get_frame_size (entry, &frame_x, &frame_y, NULL, NULL);
 * x -= frame_x;
 * y -= frame_y;

  get_icon_allocations (entry, &primary, &secondary);

  if (primary.x <= x && x < primary.x + primary.width &&
      primary.y <= y && y < primary.y + primary.height)

  if (secondary.x <= x && x < secondary.x + secondary.width &&
      secondary.y <= y && y < secondary.y + secondary.height)

  return -1;


Andrew E. Makeev <andrew solvo ru>
Solvo Logistic

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