Re: Visual Studio 2008 configuration for GTK+2.22

I've used John's post.. its the first one I tried.. didnt work..
Ill try to link gtkmm and see what happens.. thank you very much! you've been very helpful!

On 21 March 2011 14:49, Lukas Kontenis <dse ssd gmail com> wrote:
John's post looks very helpful if you'd like to develop using VS. On the other hand, I have used a PointGrey camera in a microscopy application, and found the bundled C++ code too hard to understand. There was even a notice about modified gtkmm libraries because something was not working properly, so you might even need these custom libraries to compile successfully. There are quite a few examples in C bundled with the PointGrey SDK so I'd recommend using those and developing a GUI from scratch. If you're having difficulties even compiling tutorial applications, chances are you wont get far tweaking a complete application, even so when the application uses modified gtkmm. In my opinion the PointGrey camera API is great and suitable for beginners, but the their C++ appliction (FlyCap) is a bit too complicated to be the basis of a beginners application.

If you have further questions about using PointGrey SDK, I guess you should address them to me directly, since this would be a bit off-topic in this mailing list. But that is for the moderators to decide <:

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