Re: GTK+ 2.24.3

Mar 14, 2011 02:54:46 PM, Matthias Clasen wrote:

> GTK+ 2.24.3 is now available for download ...

Hello Matthias,

I'm still puzzled and amazed about how the problem
documented in Bug 631910 and re-documented in thread:

"GTK+-2 Fails on compiling the Documentation branch"

has still not been addressed by GTK at all.
It continues unabated in the "bug fix" release

The _only_ response to my thread above was
by somebody else who confirmed the problem.
Once two totally independent people see
the same problem, there _must_ be some
credence to it.

It would be the simplest of common courtesy and respect,
and frankly a minimum of professional attitude for
a GTK developer to take a few minutes to look at this issue
and to either correct it or to show us, in a polite
and technical manner, where we could be so wrong.

Thank you,
-- Alex

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