gdk-pixbuf fails to build, segmentation fault when creating loaders.cache file, nobody seems to know why.

Hi all.

I recently decided to install Gentoo on an Oracle VirtualBox VM, just to get the hang of how to set up a complete desktop system before installing it for real on my computer. However, when trying to install the GTK+ suite, that was when I hit a wall I haven't been able to overcome. 

When I build the gdk-pixbuf library, a program that is part of the build process segfaults and the build fails. I have already tried with Gentoo's ebuild, the official version 2.22.1 package from the GNOME source tree, an older version (2.21.3), and none of them will build. I posted a thread on the Gentoo forums, 60 people have read it and none of them knew what to do. I filed a bug report on Gentoo's Bugzilla, so far it's still unconfirmed.

More information (including the build log) can be found in the bug report itself:


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