Re: GtkNotebook

I think they want to tell that it should be the default behaviour, but
it no longer is.

Sáb, 2011-06-18 às 08:35 -0300, diegotoral gmail com escreveu: 
> On Sat, Jun 18, 2011 at 1:15 AM, ArcherSeven <archerseven gmail com>
> wrote:
>         My friend and I are using Arch Linux with a few GTK+ 3
>         applications.  We've noticed that we can't by default scroll
>         through GtkNotebook tabs using the scroll wheel anymore and as
>         far as we can tell, the feature was completely removed, not
>         even made an option.  I hope we're wrong and we've just missed
>         documentation somewhere, if so, please let us know, but we'd
>         really like to know why this is not a possible / default
>         option anymore. 
> There ir a method to set this option on Gtk+ 3 Reference Manual, look:
> void gtk_notebook_set_scrollable (GtkNotebook *notebook, gboolean
> scrollable);
> Gtk+ 3 Reference Manual:
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