Re: Compiling a GTK application on windows

On 2011-05-30 09:17, Gang Chen wrote:
> Is there really any show stopper in GTK+ on Windows? I saw many GTK+
> apps that support Windows and Mac OS. And I'm considering whether to
> choose GTK+ to develop a cross-platform app... I'm surprised to hear
> your words.

Just speaking from my own experiences here, but I've run into a couple
issues with GTK+ and windows.

- OpenGL support (GtkGlExt) on windows isn't so good these days. It
  worked better in 2.16 if I recall, but things have been changed since
  that have have caused problems for me.

- Miscellaneous bugs, left-aligned tabs using the win32 theme show up
  black, I can't get spin buttons or text entries to work (I must be
  doing something wrong here because I know other people use these, but
  I've spent hours trying to figure it out). There are others, and you
  can usually work around them, but in general I've just had to go
  through a lot more debugging for windows builds than for Linux builds.

- Stay away from GNOME-ish things like gvfs, gconfd, dbus, etc. If it's
  expecting a daemon to be running it'll probably be a hassle, assuming
  it works at all.

- There's also all the dark magic needed to get a build environment set
  up, for me, for cross-compiling. Also tracking down all the
  dependencies (libsoup -> libxml2 -> iconv, etc) that you can just
  expect to have available in Linux.

I'm not saying it's impossible, but it'll be more work making it cross
platform than, say, Java. Although, using GTK instead of Java will
probably make up for most of that lost time ;)

I haven't even started trying to build things for OSX yet.. I'm not sure
cross-compiling for Mac is even possible, so you might need apple
hardware and a copy of OSX and their IDE just for to build a Mac

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