Nautilus and GDK_ACTION_ASK

When a user drags files out of my GtkTreeView and into Nautilus, I want the user to be prompted and asked whether they wish to either copy, link or move the files.

When I gtk_drag_source_set(mytreeview,...); using GDK_ACTION_LINK, causes nautilus to create links, GDK_ACTION_COPY, causes nautilus to make copies. But GDK_ACTION_ASK is not accepted by Nautilus.

How do I get nautilus to prompt and ask the user what action they wish to use?

If nautilus does not allow that, how do I change the suggested GdkDragAction in the GdkDragContext on the fly from within "drag-data-get" ?

Or if that's not possible either, how do I associated a particular GdkDragAction with a particular GtkTargetEntry?

Why does Nautilus cause drag-data-get to fire twice?

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