RE: Problems printing from a wide PangoLayoutLine

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> From: Ian Puleston
> The other problem I am having is that I now need to print to a page in
> landscape format and with narrow margins. I set the margins to 0.25" via
> gtk_page_setup_set_top_margin() etc. I then draw the grid up to those
> margins and it all prints fine, all the way up to the margins. But when I
> text onto the page, words at the right side are dropped and not printed,
> even though they are well inside the right 0.25" margin. It looks like
> that would end within about 0.75" of the right-edge don't get printed.

FYI, I submitted a bug report on this along with a small app that demos the
problem. It works on Linux, drops words from the end of long lines on


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